Malayalam version of 'Vedic Mathematics Made Easy' by Dhaval Bathia, an attempt to greatly simplify the subject of mathematics by employing the principles and techniques of Vedic Maths. 'Vedaganitham Saralamakkiyathu' provides a simplified approach to Vedic Maths, helping readers overcome their fear of mathematics and tackle even the most complex mathematical problems with relative ease.

This book details the sixteen basic formulae (called Sutras) of Vedic Maths, which are extremely useful in solving all types of simple and complex problems in arithmetic and algebra. The Sutras are based on the workings of the human mind, and therefore, easier to grasp than the principles of conventional mathematics. They cover everything from the simple concept of addition to the complex one of differential calculus. Moreover, the techniques described help the reader learn to solve problems mentally, and with significant speed.

Malayalam Title: വേദഗണിതം സരളമാക്കിയത്
Pages: 184
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2012

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Vedaganitham Saralamakkiyathu

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