• Corporate Chanakya (Malayalam)

Chanakya, who lived in 3rd Century BC, was a leadership guru par excellence. His ideas on how to identify leaders and groom them to govern a country has been well documented in his book 'Arthashastra'.

In 'Corporate Chanakya', Radhakrishnan Pillai simplifies this age old formula of success for leaders of the corporate world. Divided into 3 sections of Leadership, Management and Training, this book includes tips on various topics like - organizing and conducting effective meetings, dealing with tricky situations, managing time, decision making and responsibilities and powers of a leader. Call it one's guide for corporate success or a book that brings back ancient Indian management wisdom in a modern format-one just can not let go the Chanakya wisdom contained on each page.

This is the Malayalam version of the book translated by Jibu Jamal.

Malayalam Title: കോർപ്പറേറ്റ് ചാണക്യ
Pages: 351
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2021

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Corporate Chanakya (Malayalam)

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