• Mathetharathwavum Samarothsuka Yukthivadavum (Old Edition)

Aadhunika Yukthivadathinte Thudasakkar opens a window to the life and deeds of some famous athiests including Bradlaugh, Ingersoll, Bertrand Russell, Emerson etc. This book is the Malayalam version of the last five chapters of 'Against the Faith' written by Jim Herrick.

The subject of this book is those who have placed themselves 'against the faith', in other words, those who have opposed the prevailing religious faith of their time. Such opponents adopt this position for a wide variety of reasons and in many different ways. They are sometimes fiery activists hammering against leaders and leading ideas and at other times are quiet, contemplative skeptics questioning all knowledge and all orthodoxy.

OLD EDITION Printed in 1996.

Malayalam Title: മതേതരത്വവും സമരോത്സുക യുക്തിവാദവും
Pages: 143
Size: Crown 1/8
Binding: Hardbound
Edition: 1996

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Mathetharathwavum Samarothsuka Yukthivadavum (Old Edition)

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