• Cheruppakkaranenna Nilayil Kalakaarante Chithreekaranam

'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man', novel by James Joyce, in Malayalam translated by Dr S Sreenivasan. This translation won the Ayyappa Panikkar Award for the best translation. Foreword by K P Appan.

'Cheruppakkaranenna Nilayil Kalakaarante Chithreekaranam' portrays Stephen Dedalus’s Dublin childhood and youth, providing an oblique self-portrait of the young James Joyce. At its center are questions of origin and source, authority and authorship, and the relationship of an artist to his family, culture, and race. Exuberantly inventive, this coming-of-age story is a tour de force of style and technique.

Malayalam Title: ചെറുപ്പക്കാരനെന്ന നിലയിൽ കലാകാരന്റെ ചിത്രീകരണം
Pages: 296
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2012 January

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Cheruppakkaranenna Nilayil Kalakaarante Chithreekaranam

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