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Sravana Paurnami
Novel by Vasu Areekode. ‘Sravana Paurnami’ tells the tale of a village boy Unni. Foreword by ..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00 In Stock
Go Seva (Malayalam)
Stories by Muhajir Karulayi. ‘Go Seva’ has stories including Kathiruppu, Amma Vishesham, Cube..
Rs60.00 Rs54.00 In Stock
Rathiyum Chiriyum
Stories by G Chandrababu. ‘Rathiyum Chiriyum’ has 9 stories including Sundarikkazhuthakal, Ku..
Rs120.00 Rs108.00 In Stock
Rubik's Cube (Malayalam)
Stories by K Lal. ‘Rubik's Cube has stories including Bharam, American Pava, Thondi, Daivathint..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00 In Stock
Avasanathe Bus
Collection of stories by Reeja Jose. ‘Avasanathe Bus’ has stories including Oru Dalit Penkutt..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00 In Stock
Pattern Lock (Malayalam)
Short stories by Ratheesh K S. ‘Pattern Lock’ has stories including Mullinte Manam, Deepali, ..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00 In Stock
Mount Abuvil
Travelogue by C A Sasidharan Nair. ‘Mount Abuvil’ documents a a pilgrim's journey to Mount Ab..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00 In Stock
Suvarna Kathakal: Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay
Selected stories of renowned Bengali writer Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay selected and translated by L..
Rs155.00 Rs125.00 In Stock
Bobby Jose Kattikadu Collection (9 Books)
Collection of 9 books written by Bobby Jose Kattikadu BOOKS Koottu A book on love, li..
Rs1,115.00 Rs949.00 In Stock
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Sree Mahaganapathi Puranam
Collection of stories of Ganapathi compiled by M S Parthasarathy. Sree Mahaganapathi Puranam also..
Rs490.00 Rs469.00 In Stock
Orupidi Vattu (Old Edition)
Novel by U A Khader. Orupidi Vattu won him Abu Dhabi Sakthi Award. FROM BLURB: ഇതൊര..
Rs140.00 Rs125.00 In Stock
Kannadan Kalariyum Choondani Marmavum
Kannadan Kalariyum Choondani Marmavum' written by Dr M R Gopalakrishnan Nair unravels the secrets..
Rs380.00 Rs345.00 In Stock
Orkkunnuvo En Krishnaye (Book 2)
Novel by Raghunath Paleri. It is a sequel to his famous novel Orkkunnuvo En Krishnaye. Malaya..
Rs290.00 Rs259.00 In Stock
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Kathayillathavante Katha
Autobiography of M N Paloor, noted poet, with a foreword by P M Narayanan. Kathayillathavante Kat..
Rs295.00 Rs269.00 In Stock
Devadas (Malayalam)
Devadas, one of the most famous novels in Bengali, by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee in Malayalam trans..
Rs115.00 Rs105.00 In Stock
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Paathayilekku Veendum
'Back on the Road: A Journey Through Latin America' written by Ernesto Che Guevara, in Malayalam ..
Rs170.00 Rs155.00 In Stock
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Seetha Noottandukaliloode
A unique study on Seetha- of Valmiki, Kalidasan, Bhavabhoothi, Thulasidas, Kampar, Ezhuthachan an..
Rs145.00 Rs129.00 In Stock
Ullil Kinnaram Parayunnavar
Collection of essays by Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati. Ullil Kinnaram Parayunnavar has essays on the ..
Rs105.00 Rs95.00 In Stock
Ente Thonnyasangal
Ente Thonnyasangal by Matampu Kunjukkuttan is a collection of autobiographical notes. In this boo..
Rs120.00 Rs109.00 In Stock
Thayyal Vijnanakosham
A complete reference book on stitching and tailoring. ‘Thayyal Vijnanakosham’ offers a detail..
Rs640.00 Rs609.00 In Stock
Vikramadithya Kathakal
Complete collection of Vikramadithya stories translated into Malayalam by Ettumanoor Sivakumar. T..
Rs535.00 Rs519.00 In Stock
Stories of Subrahmanyan compiled by K Raveendran Nair. This edition of Skanthapuranam also has Su..
Rs450.00 Rs429.00 In Stock
Siva Puranam
Ambalapuzha Saradamma presents Siva Purana in simple Malayalam prose for common readers. Siva Pur..
Rs425.00 Rs405.00 Out of Stock
Sri Bhadrakali Prabhavam
An intensive reference book on Bhadrakali, Indian goddess associated with empowerment and shakti,..
Rs690.00 Rs659.00 In Stock
Atharva Vedam
Atharva Vedam translated into Malayalam with an introductory study by Dr Venganoor Balakrishnan. ..
Rs990.00 Rs949.00 Out of Stock
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