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Paliyam Samaram
History of Paliyam Samaram written by Payyappilly Balan with a foreword by Dr N V P Unithiri. Thi..
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Memoirs penned by Bharathidevi. 'Alsarab' has 10 beautifully written pieces which depicts the rea..
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Marthandavarma (Chintha Edition)
Marthandavarma, novel written by C V Raman Pillai, is one of the classics in Malayalam language. ..
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Naraka Sakethathile Ullarakal
25 വർഷങ്ങൾ ആർ എസ് എസ് പ്രചാരകനായിരുന്..
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1957-59: Varthakalkkappuram
Sreekala M S documents the days and deeds of first Communist Government of Kerala. '1957-59: Vart..
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N C Sekhar: Keralathile Viplava Prasthanathinte Theeppori
Biography of N C Sekhar, the founding leaders of Communist Party in Kerala penned by Chanthavila ..
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Fascism: Sidhanthavum Prathirodhavum
An anthology of essays on the theory and practice of Fascism. Fascism: Sidhanthavum Prathirodhavu..
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Niramulla Nanmakal
Collection of 30 stories for children by K Sreekumar. ‘Niramulla Nanmakal’ has stories includ..
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Niyamam Niyamathinte Vazhikal
A book on law penned by Sebastian Paul. ‘Niyamam Niyamathinte Vazhikal’ has 50 essays on law ..
Rs195.00 Rs175.00 In Stock
D D Kosambi: Jeevithavum Darsanavum
Collection of essays on the life and philosophy of Damodar Dharmananda Kosambi, renowned Indian m..
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Charithrathil Illathavar
Novel by famous Bengali writer Bimal Mitra. 'Charithrathil Illathavar' is translated into Malayal..
Rs95.00 Rs86.00 In Stock
Ayyappa Paniker
Biography of Ayyappa Paniker penned by Anand Kavalam. ‘Ayyappa Paniker’ records the time, lif..
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Raja Ravi Varma
A book on the life and works of the great Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma, penned by Karakkamandap..
Rs95.00 Rs86.00 In Stock
Transgender: Charithram Samskaram Prathinidhanam
Essays analaysing the history and other various aspects of transgenders, transsexuals, bisexuals ..
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Athu Sathyamalla
Novel by Tarashankar Banerjee. 'Athu Sathyamalla' is translated into Malayalam by K Ravivarma. ..
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Ayurveda Chikilsasathram
Swami Nirmalanandagiri’s book on the significance of Ayurveda medical science. ‘Ayurveda Chik..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00 In Stock
Sathyathinte Adiverukal
Vithura Baby, a veteran journalist, shares his memories of some very important Kerallites like P ..
Rs125.00 Rs113.00 In Stock
Waterloo Muthal Vatican Vare
Travelogue by E A Krunakaran Nair. Waterloo Muthal Vatican Vare shares many interesting moments f..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00 In Stock
Kaliyum Karyavum
Humorous essays on many non-humorous issues, penned by J Lalithambika IAS. Kaliyum Karyavum has 3..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00 In Stock
Aasante Seethakavyam
Dr Sukumar Azheekkod analayses Chinthavishtayaya Seetha, poem by Kumaranansan. Aasante Seethakavy..
Rs70.00 Rs63.00 In Stock
Novel by T K Gangadharan. It goes through the the life and thoughts of Jayan, an army soldier in ..
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Manja Morum Chuvanna Meenum
Anthology of stories on expatriatism and emigrants penned by Nirmala. ‘Manja Morum Chuvanna Mee..
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Kathayude Jalasayam
Writer, journalist, poet, speaker and television personality Shihabuddin Poythumkadavu is intervi..
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Lokaprasastha Detective Kathakal
An anthology of 7 famous detective stories from world literature translated into Malayalam by Nic..
Rs240.00 Rs215.00 In Stock
Chirakumayoru Malakha
Collection of 26 spiritual notes by Vincent Varyath. ‘Chirakumayoru Malakha’ is with a forewo..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00 In Stock
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