• Aapasthambha Dharmasoothram: Gruhasthasrama Dharmam

Gruhasthasrama Dharmam from the Sanskrit classic Aapasthambha Dharmasoothram. It forms part of an enormous body of aphorisms which digests the teaching of the Veda and of the ancient Rishis regarding the performance of sacrifices and the duties of human beings. Translated into Malayalam by Prof M Balachandran Nair.

Malayalam Title: ആപസ്തംഭ ധർമസൂത്രം- ഗൃഹസ്ഥാശ്രമധർമ്മം
Pages: 112
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2011 June

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Aapasthambha Dharmasoothram: Gruhasthasrama Dharmam

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