• Jolimikavinulla Vazhikal

Great Work Great Career, penned by Stephen R Covey and Jennifer Colosimo, in Malayalam translated by Maya Venugopal. In one economic earthquake after another, it is hard to keep your footing. Still, there s a positive side to these risky times. You can secure a great future for yourself if you welcome this wild, demanding new world with passion for the opportunities it presents.

You don't want just a job, you want a great job. 'Jolimikavinulla Vazhikal' can help you get that great job and, beyond that, build a great career. You will learn how to create your own career opportunities and make a real difference in a great job you choose, define your unique strengths and the exact market need you can fulfill, build relationships with key support people, create a resume that works for you rather than sitting in a pile somewhere etc.

Malayalam Title: ജോലിമികവിനുള്ള വഴികൾ
Pages: 152
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2011

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Jolimikavinulla Vazhikal

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