• Susrutha Paithrukam

The Legacy Of Susruta penned by Dr M S Valiathan in Malayalam, translated by K Muthulakshmi.

Susruta, whose name is synonymous with India’s surgical inheritance, composed the Susruta Tantra which became a timeless medical classic. In The Legacy of Susruta, the text of Susruta Samhita has been recast in a thematic fashion without sacrificing any of the content of the original chapters. Furthermore, it presents much of the data in tabular form, and features many tables and illustrations in an effort to reach out to readers who may include not only students of âyurveda but also of modern medicine, biological and social sciences and the history of science.

Malayalam Title സുശ്രുത പൈതൃകം
Pages 932
Size Demy 1/8
Binding Hardbound with flaps
Edition 2009 October

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Susrutha Paithrukam

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