• Ammayum Vydikanum

Nobel winning novel by famous Italian writer Grazia Deledda. She wrote 'La Madre' in 1920 and won Nobel in 1926. Deledda is the first Italian Nobel winner. Translated into Malayalam by Ramachandran Kodappally.

'Amma' is an unusual book, both in its story and its setting in a remote Sardinian hill village, half civilized and superstitious. But the chief interest lies in the psychological study of the two chief characters, and the action of the story takes place so rapidly (all within the space of two days) and the actual drama is so interwoven with the mental conflict, and all so forced by circumstances, that it is almost Greek in its simple and inevitable tragedy.

Deledda's story involves three individuals: a priest and the young woman who falls in love with him, and the priest's mother. It is the mother, from a different generation, who must undergo the greatest change in the book and in the end make the greatest sacrifice.

Malayalam Title: അമ്മയും വൈദികനും
Pages: 108
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2010 February

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Ammayum Vydikanum

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