• Athe Kadal (Old Edition)

Blending prose and poetry, Athe Kadal penned by the celebrated Israeli novelist Amos Oz, explores the tensions among a wayward son, his widowed father, and the son's girlfriend. Translation is by P N Gopikrishnan.

Albert Danon is a mild accountant whose beloved wife, Nadia, has died, and whose son, Rico, has exiled himself to Tibet, Bangladesh and other remote places where he is haunted by his mother's memory. Another member of this restless, bitter generation, Rico's girlfriend, Dita, moves in with Albert when a shabby film producer cheats her of all her money. Suffused with lust and shame, Albert desires Dita, even while an elderly widow yearns for him; meanwhile, Dita sleeps with Rico's best friend. This small domestic comedy is expressed in musical language charged with lyric intensity.

Malayalam Title: അതേ കടല്‍
Pages: 272
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback with flaps
Edition: 2010 August

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Athe Kadal (Old Edition)

By: Aamos Oz
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