• Aaram Number Ward (Kairali Edition)

Anton Chekhov's famous novel Ward No. 6, in Malayalam translated by E P Rajagopalan. Aaram Number Ward, a story of a lunatic asylum, can be seen as a metaphor of 19th century Russian society.

A doctor finds out that the only man, with whom he can have a decent discussion lives in the asylum for insane people. The doctor’s frequent visits of the asylum attract the attention of the other villagers. They become suspicious: is the doctor also becoming insane? Is he treating us as if we are not sane enough? The resident in the asylum asks a crucial question to the doctor: ‘So why should I be cooped up here as a scapegoat for everyone else? What will be the ultimate verdict of the villagers on the ‘insane’ sane doctor?

Malayalam Title: ആറാം നമ്പർ വാർഡ്
Pages: 102
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2014 March

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Aaram Number Ward (Kairali Edition)

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