• Rich Dad Poor Dad Kaumarakkarkku

Robert T Kiyosaki's famous book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens' in Malayalam translated by V Geetha.

When it comes to an academic education, our schools do well. But when it comes to financial education, our schools receive a failing grade. The lack of financial education in the school system does our children a huge disservice and prepares them for financial hardship and bad financial decisions.

Picking up where school leaves off, 'Rich Dad Poor Dad Kaumarakkarkku' is the secret weapon for teaching your child the way to gain freedom to create wealth and understand how money works. It doesn’t just share Robert’s amazing personal story, it shows your child how to make wise financial choices today - choices of the rich. The book is packed with straight talk, sidebars, tips and quizzes, and will jump-start your child's personal success!

If you are concerned about your child’s financial future, you can’t afford to pass over this essential book for your teen. Give Your Teen the gift of a financial education- and protect their financial future.

Malayalam Title: റിച്ച് ഡാഡ് പുവർ ഡാഡ് കൗമാരക്കാർക്ക്
Pages: 126
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2013 December

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Kaumarakkarkku

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