• Madhuram Nirachu Vijayam Koyyam

A Slice of Trust, written by David Hutchens and Barry Rellaford in Malayalam translated by P S Suresh. 'Madhuram Nirachu Vijayam Koyyam' teaches managers and leaders of all levels how companies that develop trust within the workplace can increase their value, efficiency, and innovation. Forward by Stephen M R Covey.

This delightful fable follows Simon the Pieman, who serves pie to his customers along with his trust, one slice at a time. Trusting wisely and weighing the risks against the opportunities, Simon succeeds in his business, teaching an old dog, Sebastian, some new tricks along the way. Inspired by Simon's trust, Sebastian learns a valuable lesson about the importance of extending trust, weighing out risks to exercise "smart trust," and the importance trust plays in leadership.

Malayalam Title: മധുരം നിറച്ച് വിജയം കൊയ്യാം
Pages: 116
Size: Crown 1/8
Binding: Hardbound
Edition: 2012 November

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Madhuram Nirachu Vijayam Koyyam

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