• Kuttikalude Nelson Mandela

Biography of Nelson Mandela, written for children by Rajesh Chirappad. Nelson Mandela, the most famous anti-apartheid revolutionary, served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was South Africa's first black chief executive, and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. His government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid through tackling institutionalised racism, poverty and inequality, and fostering racial reconciliation. Kuttikalude Nelson Mandela has illustrations by Sudheer PY.

Malayalam Title: കുട്ടികളുടെ നെൽസൺ മണ്ടേല
Pages: 144
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2014 February

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Kuttikalude Nelson Mandela

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