• Kovoorinte Sampoorna Krithikal

Complete works of A T Kovoor, famous athiest and writer, edited and translated itno Malayalam by Joseph Edamaruku. A T Kovoor was a Sri Lankan professor and rationalist who gained prominence after retirement for his campaign to expose various Indian and Sri Lankan 'God-men' and so-called paranormal phenomena, as frauds. His direct, trenchant criticism of spiritual frauds and organized religions were enthusiastically received by audiences, initiating a new dynamism in the Rationalist movement, especially in Sri Lanka and India.

Malayalam Title: കോവൂരിന്റെ സമ്പൂർണകൃതികൾ
Pages: 1133
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Hardbound
Edition: 2012

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Kovoorinte Sampoorna Krithikal

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