Autobiography of Sri M. Gurusamaksham: Oru Himalayan Yogiyude Athmakatha is the Malayalam version of the famous book 'Aprenticed To A Himalayan Master- A Yogi's Autobiography'. Translation is by D Thankappan Nair.

It is a young man's fascinating journey from the southern coast of India to the mystical Himalayan heights where he finds his great Master, wise, powerful and joying. This is the most outstandingly thought-provoking book, perhaps of this century. In the world ridden with materialism and sensual pleasures, this book suggests an alternative way of living life, infusing one with hope and faith in the mystic laws of nature.

Malayalam Title: ഗുരുസമക്ഷം- ഒരു ഹിമാലയൻ യോഗിയുടെ ആത്മകഥ
Pages: 349
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2014 October

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Gurusamaksham: Oru Himalayan Yogiyude Athmakatha

By: Sri M
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