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The Gulistan (means The Rose Garden in Persian), a landmark of Persian literature, in Malayalam translated by Dr Ubaid A. Written in 1259 CE, it is one of the most popular books by the Persian poet Saadi Shirazi, considered one of the greatest medieval Persian poets. The Gulistan, a collection of poems and stories, is widely quoted as a source of wisdom. The well-known aphorism still frequently repeated in the western world, about being sad because one has no shoes until one meets the man who has no feet "whereupon I thanked Providence for its bounty to myself" is from the Gulistan.

The Gulistan has proved deeply influential in the West as well as the East. The minimalist plots of the Gulistan's stories are expressed with precise language and psychological insight, creating a "poetry of ideas" with the concision of mathematical formulas. The book deals with virtually every major issue faced by mankind, with both optimism and subtle satire. There is much advice for rulers, in this way coming within the mirror for princes genre. But as Eastwick comments in his introduction to the work, there is a common saying in Persian, "Each word of Sa'di has seventy-two meanings", and the stories, alongside their entertainment value and practical and moral dimension, frequently focus on the conduct of dervishes and are said to contain sufi teachings.

Malayalam Title: ഗുലിസ്ഥാൻ
Pages: 186
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2010 November

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