• Women Of God's Own Country

English fiction by Varghese V Devasia.

The dreadful face of religions, the bloody war between Marxists and the Ultra-Nationalists, the drug mafia, lynching, jihadis, politicians and police haunt every page of this novel. Bishop George, a sex predator and Ann Maria, a Catholic nun, prelate's victim, create existential angst. Xi challenges Godse; nonetheless, they join hands for power even though they made thousands of widows and orphans all over Kerala.

Amid the chaos, the story weaves women's quest for freedom, career, equality and comes to life through Ammu. She interlaces Janaki, Kalyani, Malathi, Emilia, Jennifer, Ann Maria, Renuka and Aisha. Their confrontation with patriarchy is factual but may not always be physical; it can be conceptual, spiritual, psychological or symbolic.

Atheism unshackles women from traditions, burying God along with the devil. Born females evolved as women; they enter hell but burrow an exit. Women challenge the concepts of gender, freedom, equality, companionship, religion, justice and political parties. The novel is about women with a purpose.

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Binding: Paperback

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Women Of God's Own Country

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