• By The Rivers We Sat & Wept

Eco theological explorations and praxis by George Abraham Kallooppara. Humans are among the most social of all creatures on the earth. Their relationship with other members of their society is governed by the principle of mutual aid. Our unique language permits us to transcend the word of “Here and Now” of animals and opens possibilities of establishing relationships of mutual aid beyond kin or other narrow social groups. Thus equipped we view many elements of the natural world that shape our life as fellow beings towards whom we should establish relationships of reciprocation. This is the wellspring of all religious experiences. Water is vital to life and water in flow, streams and rivers are universally considered venerable. This book is an able exposition of this relationship of humans with water in flow and the author deserves to be congratulated for this significant piece of writing. Dr. Madhav D. Gadgil

Undertaking a task long awaited by the community formed from waters of the river Jordan, GeorgeAbraham offers a sinuous river theology, and with it a new topos for theological thinking. Dr. Willis Jenkins

Pages: 132

Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Publication Year: 2020

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By The Rivers We Sat & Wept

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