• Indian Healthcare Tradition: A Contemporary View

Anthology of seminar papers on Indian healthcare tradition and Ayurveda. Papers are A Global Perspective on Indian Traditional Knowledge (M S Swaminathan), Mainstreaming the Ayurvedic Healthcare (Malti M Sinha), Diseases in Ancient India (M S Valiathan), Ancient Modern Concordance in Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants (Sukh Dev), What the Future Holds for the Ayurvedic Drug Scene (R Kumar), Status and Strategies for Ayurvedic Education in India and Abroad (S K Mishra), Future Scope of Herbal Medicines (P Pushpangadan), The Current Trends in the Development of New Healthcare Products (K D Sharma), Uniqueness of Vagbhata (K Rajagopalan), New Product Development Based on Traditional Knowledge (D B Ananthanarayanan), Modern Methods of Product Standardisation (P M Varier), The Need for reviving Traditional Knowledgebase (Darshan Shankar), The Application of Ayurvedic Principles in Handling Radiation Injuries (C R Agnives), Interfacing Between the Traditional Healthcare Approach and the Modern Developments (K Muraleedharan). Foreword by Dr P K Warier.

Pages: 164
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2012

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Indian Healthcare Tradition: A Contemporary View

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