• Perception

Perception, novel by Unni Abraham, tells the mysterios story of Sethu who possess 6th Sense capability and his encounters. Sethu, alongwith Aravind and few others, is invited by the President of India to join the 'Alterant League'. The league tactically decodes the vision of Sethu as attempt of culprits to murder the Pope Benedict XXX, rob the crown of Norway Queen, blast a nuclear plant in Japan, demolishan indian ship carrying costly weapons, loot the valuables of a business tycoon etc.

Was the league decoding the visions wrongly? If the decoding was correct will the league be able to find the culprits and stop their attempts or will they fail on their missions? The story becomes a nail biter as suspicion rise on probability of a traitor inside the league who leaks the league operations. Will that be only a suspicion or is there a real traitor? Start your thrilling ride to unravel all these mysteries….

Pages: 51
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2015 August

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