• Aparichitha Theerthadakar

Aparichita Theerthadakar is the Malayalam translation of ‘Strange Pilgrims’, collection of stories written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the legendary Colombian writer.

In Barcelona, an aging Brazilian prostitute trains her dog to weep at the grave she has chosen for herself. In Vienna, a woman parlays her gift for seeing the future into a fortunetelling position with a wealthy family. In Geneva, an ambulance driver and his wife take in the lonely, apparently dying ex-President of a Caribbean country, only to discover that his political ambition is very much intact.

In these twelve masterly stories about the lives of Latin Americans in Europe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez conveys the peculiar amalgam of melancholy, tenacity, sorrow, and aspiration that is the émigré experience. This is a Latin American voyage through the nerves of recent Europe, where reality is a dream and dream is a big reality. Translation is by K Radhakrishna Warrier.

Malayalam Title: അപരിചിത തീർത്ഥാടകർ
Pages: 184
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2014 April

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Aparichitha Theerthadakar

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