• Sagaratheeram Muthal Himalaya Sikharam Vare

Sagaratheeram Muthal Himalaya Sikharam Vare is the Malayalam version of P G Tenzing's thrilling travel diary 'Don’t Ask Any Old Bloke For Directions: A Biker’s Whimsical Journey Across India'. Translation is by P Prakash.

After twenty years in the Indian Administrative Service, P G Tenzing throws off the staid life of a bureaucrat to roar across India on an Enfield Thunderbird, travelling light with his possessions strapped on the back of his bike. On the nine-month motorcycle journey without a pre-planned route or direction, he encounters acquaintances who appear to be from his karmic past: from the roadside barber to numerous waiters and mechanics— fleeting human interactions and connections that seem pre-ordained.

Life on the road is full of pot holes in more ways than one, but Tenzing acquires a wheelie’s sixth sense. Tenzing’s views on life and death, friendship and love are informed by a certain dark humour. But his conviction that everything revolves around the sacred bond that humans share with each other and with the universe is deeply felt and inspiring.

Malayalam Title: സാഗരതീരം മുതൽ ഹിമാലയശിഖരം വരെ
Pages: 214
Size: Demy 1/8
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2013 July

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Sagaratheeram Muthal Himalaya Sikharam Vare

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