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Pala Nirappakalukal: 26 Penkathakal
Collection of 26 stories by women writers edited by Jolly Kalathail. ‘Pala Nirappakalukal (26 P..
Rs160.00 Rs144.00
Oru Kathayude Sancharapadham
Stories by Sujaya Nambiar. ‘Oru Kathayude Sancharapadham’ has stories including Escort, jafna..
Rs60.00 Rs54.00
Poems by Jayakumar Kalady. ‘Avadhoothan’ has poems including Jeevitham, Karnan, Maranam, Amma..
Rs60.00 Rs54.00
Poems by Gopan Meiji. ‘Elikkeni’ has poems including Nee, Aval, Mazha, Vati, Uchalya, Charuka..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00
Mamvidhi Janakatmajam
Poems by Karukulam Sivasankaran. ‘Mamvidhi Janakatmajam’ has poems including Kakkappatiniyaar..
Mount Abuvil
Travelogue by C A Sasidharan Nair. ‘Mount Abuvil’ documents a a pilgrim's journey to Mount Ab..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Chathurnnava Geethangal
Poems by K P Maliyekal. ‘Chathurnnava Geethangal’ has 36 poems listed under four categories I..
Onnum Parayathe
Novel by Dinesh Muttom. ‘Onnum Parayathe’ is a well narrated novel with a feminine allure. ..
Ithihasathinte Nerkazhchakal
Stories by T I Narayanan. ‘Ithihasathinte Nerkazhchakal’ is extracted from the epic Mahabhara..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00
Oru Cherukathayute Aathmakatha
Collection of stories by N Nagendran. ‘Oru Cherukathayute Aathmakatha’ has seven stories incl..
Rs60.00 Rs54.00
Ramayana Vismayam
Collection of epic stories by Bharathi Susheela. ‘Ramayana Vismayam’ is extracted from the ep..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Aparathayile Thirakkolukal
Stories by Vijayan Madappally. ‘Aparathayile Thirakkolukal’ has four stories including Anthay..
Rs60.00 Rs55.00
Gulfile Kanakkazhchakal
Collection of notes on expatriate life by Sheriff Ibrahim. ‘Gulfile Kanakkazhchakal’ also has..
Njanum Neeyum: Moonnu Variyile Kurunnu Kavitha
Collection of haikus penned by by Mehaboob M. ‘Njanum Neeyum: Moonnu Variyile Kurunnu Kavitha..
Rubik's Cube (Malayalam)
Stories by K Lal. ‘Rubik's Cube has stories including Bharam, American Pava, Thondi, Daivathint..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00
Poems by K Muraleedharan. ‘Udal’ has over 60 poems including Ormma, Pattam, Unam, Bhiksha, Ba..
Kunjikkiliyude Pattu
Poems for children penned by T V Harikumar. ‘Kunjikkiliyude Pattu’ has 26 poems with illustra..
Veendum Prasantham
Poems by P K Bhargavan Pillai. ‘Veendum Prasantham’ has over 30 poems including Prarthana, ka..
Avasanathe Bus
Collection of stories by Reeja Jose. ‘Avasanathe Bus’ has stories including Oru Dalit Penkutt..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Aakasathekkulla Dooram (Yes Press Edition)
Collection of stories by Suresh Keezhillam. Aakasathekkulla Dooram has 10 stories with a foreword..
Poems by Valsan Valiyapulara. ‘Adhinivesam’ has 37 poems including Ambalam, Veedu, Nalla Bhoo..
Poems by Gopikrishna. ‘Kavalkkinakkal’ has 24 poems including Kathirippu, Makal, Amma, Guru, ..
Kalindiyude Pattu
Poems by Jayakumar Vazhappilly. ‘Kalindiyude Pattu’ has poems including Mazhavarumpol, Prabha..
Pattern Lock (Malayalam)
Short stories by Ratheesh K S. ‘Pattern Lock’ has stories including Mullinte Manam, Deepali, ..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Njanenna Udalchedi
Poems by Sreejith Perumani. ‘Njanenna Udalchedi’ has over 50 poems including Pacha, Nizhal, K..
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