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Ningalude Kuttikal Surakshitharano?
‘Ningalude Kuttikal Surakshitharano?’ is a timely endeavor to sensitive the society, espcecia..
Rs175.00 Rs158.00
Neehaari Mandali: Mattathinte Kuthip
Inspiring life tale of Neehaari Mandali, a burn survivor and victim of domestic violence, penned ..
Rs90.00 Rs81.00
Kuttikalude Rabindranath Tagore
The epic life of Rabindranath Tagore retold for children by Puthanvelikkara Sukumaran. ‘Kuttika..
Rs55.00 Rs50.00
Padinjaran Himalayathinte Madiyil
Travelogue by P Jayalakshmi. ‘Padinjaran Himalayathinte Matiyil’ documents author’s travels..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Smrithi Kathakal
Memoirs by seasoned journalist Indu B Nair. ‘Smrithi Kathakal’ is a collection of nostalgic n..
Rs120.00 Rs108.00
Is Your Child Safe?
‘Is Your Child Safe?’ is a timely endeavour to sensitive the society, espcecially parents, wr..
Rs250.00 Rs225.00
Hazrat Inayat Khan: Jeevitham Darsanam Sangeetham
Life, vision and music of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi guru, penned by K T Soopy. ‘Hazrat Inaya..
Indian Janadhipathyathinte Gathivigathikal
Essays by K Venu on Indian democracy. ‘Indian Janadhipathyathinte Gathivigathikal’ has essays..
Vayanayum Prathirodhavum
Essays by T T Sreekumar. ‘Vayanayum Prathirodhavum’ is listed under three sections Pauratwavu..
Sree Narayana Guru: Moonu Vicharangal
Study by M K Muneer on Sree Narayana Guru's thoughts. BLURB: മനുഷ്യമനസ്..
Manushyar Prapanchangal
A book on life and interviews by Sreekanth Kottakkal. ‘Manushyar Prapanchangal’ has interview..
Oru Valarthu Poochayute Jeevitha Katha
Memoirs by V R Sudheesh. ‘Oru Valarthu Poochayute Jeevitha Katha’ is a gripping life tale of ..
Ambalam Palli Sthree
Stories by P K Parakkadavu. ‘Ambalam Palli Sthree’ has 50 stories including Bhoomi, Prarthana..
Rappadikalute Gaanam Kelkkan
Stories by Moncy Skaria. ‘Rappadikalute Gaanam Kelkkan’ has stories including Thirinju Nottam..
Ente Kuttikkaalam (Olive Edition)
Memoirs of Maxim Gorky. 'Ente Kuttikkaalam' is translated into Malayalam by Laila Zine. BLURB..
Cossackukal (Olive Edition)
The Cossacks, novel by Leo Tolstoy, in Malayalam translated by K K Chandran. BLURB: മലയ..
Mulla Naasruddin Kathakal (Olive Edition)
Hilarious stories of Mulla Naasruddin compiled and translated into Malayalam by Salam Elikkottil...
Pora Kooda Veedu
Memoirs by Shamsudheen Vellikulangara. ‘Pora Kooda Veedu’ records author’s vibrant nostalgi..
The Dog (Malayalam)
Detective novels by Krishnan Chelembra. ‘The Dog’ also includes another thriller novel ‘Sup..
Sathrukkalalla; Snehithanmar
Memoirs by journalist O Abdulla. BLURB: ഒരു മാധ്യമപ്രവർത്ത..
Novel by Hamsa Kainikkara. ‘Ottakunnu’ is set in the backdrop of dalit life with a foreword b..
Drop Outs (Malayalam)
Novel by Kavitha Jose. ‘Drop Outs’ is notable by winning 2004 Poorna-Uroob award. Malayal..
Mruga Kathakal
Children’s literature by Abdulla Perambra. ‘Mruga Kathakal’ has many stories for children w..
Marangal Kandalkkadukal
A useful hand book on various trees, shrubs and its specialties penned by Gifu Melatoor. Mala..
Visudha Pathrose Meen
Travel notes by writer-journalist Mangad Rathnakaran. ‘Visudha Pathrose Meen’ has some photog..
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