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Lorcayude Nagarathil
Travelogue by V K Joseph. ‘Lorcayude Nagarathil’ portrays the author’s travel through Spain..
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A travelogue penned by K R Ajayan. ‘Ullasabudhan’ records the travel by the author through va..
Rs105.00 Rs95.00
Castroyude Nattil
Travelogue by A K Ramesh. ‘Castroyude Nattil’ is a well narrated travel note through the nerv..
Rs120.00 Rs108.00
Tiber Muthal Tigris Vare
Travelogue by T O Elias. ‘Tiber Muthal Tigris Vare’ documents the author’s journey through ..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00
Padinjaran Himalayathinte Madiyil
Travelogue by P Jayalakshmi. ‘Padinjaran Himalayathinte Matiyil’ documents author’s travels..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Avismaraneeya Yathrakal: Kashmir, Amarnath, Bhutan
Travelogue penned by Mini Mohan. ‘Avismaraneeya Yathrakal: Kashmir, Amarnath, Bhutan’ records..
Rs200.00 Rs180.00
Bernard Shawyude Nattil
Travelogue by J N Babu to Dublin, the birth place of George Bernard Shaw. ‘Bernard Shawyude Nat..
Mount Abuvil
Travelogue by C A Sasidharan Nair. ‘Mount Abuvil’ documents a a pilgrim's journey to Mount Ab..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Manasa Kailasam
Travelogue by Manju Vellayani across the nerves of Himalayas. ‘Manasa Kailasam’ is with a for..
Visudha Pathrose Meen
Travel notes by writer-journalist Mangad Rathnakaran. ‘Visudha Pathrose Meen’ has some photog..
Sooryanu Thazhe
Travelogue penned by Guy De Maupassant translated into Malayalam by Sajay K V. BLURB: ചെ..
Mussoorie Sketchukal
Travel book edited by K V Mohankumar. ‘Mussoorie Sketchukal’ is a vibrant collection of memoi..
Umineer Pakshikal
Travelogue by Rajan Chungath. ‘Umineer Pakshikal’ has ample collection of appealing photograp..
Londonilekku Oru Road Yathra
Travelogue by Baiju N Nair. 'Londonilekku Oru Road Yathra' is an unusual journey on road from Ind..
New York Muthal San Francisco Vare
Travelogue penned by A Q Mahdi. ‘New York Muthal San Francisco Vare’ is a unique travelogue a..
Rothangpasile Pookkal
Travelogue by K R Ajayan. 'Rothangpasile Pookkal' is a well narreted travelouge through the nerve..
Ethetho Saranikalil
Travelogue penned by writer C V Balakrishnan across the nerves of Kolkata.’ Ethetho Saranikalil..
Dakinimarude Hrudayabhoomiyiloode
Yet another masterpiece fom the ace travel writer M K Ramachandran. 'Dakinimarude Hrudayabhoomiyi..
Rome:Theerthadakarkku Oru Vazhikatty
Spiritual travelogue penned by Fr. George Kudilil across the nerves of Rome, the capital of Italy..
Ente Videsayathra: Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin’s ‘My Trip Abroad’ translated into Malayalam by P Jayalakshmi. ‘Ente Vide..
Kadalilum Kaattilum Manalaranyathilum
Travelogue and memoirs by Radhakrishnan Cheruvally. ‘Kadalilum Kaattilum Manalaranyathilum’ r..
Iratta Mukhamulla Nagaram
Travelogue by Benyamin in search of the hidden culture beyond the border of Pakistan. 'Iratta Muk..
Nadan Kerala Express
An unusual travelogue penned by C. Ganesh about the tastes of Kerala. BLURB: കാസർഗ..
Visudha Papangalude India
Travelogue penned by Arun Ezhuthachan with 14 pages of multicolour photographs. BLURB: അന..
Agasthyakoodathilekku Oru Sahasika Yathra
Travelogue by Philip Chakkalamattam to Agasthyakoodam. ‘Agasthyakoodathilekku Oru Sahasika Yath..
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