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EMS:  Ormmapusthakam
E. M. S. Namboodiripad, the communist leader and the first chief minister of Kerala, is remembere..
Rs150.00 Rs135.00
ONV Yute Priya Madhavan
Evoor G Madhavan Nair recollects the cherishing memoirs about ONV, renowned Malayalam poet and ly..
Autobiography by G Madhavan Nair, the the former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation. ..
Rs399.00 Rs360.00
Minnalinekkal Vegathil: Athmakatha
‘Faster than Lightning: My Autobiography’ by Usain Bolt translated into Malayalalam by Sheen ..
Rs300.00 Rs270.00
Smrithi Kathakal
Memoirs by seasoned journalist Indu B Nair. ‘Smrithi Kathakal’ is a collection of nostalgic n..
Rs120.00 Rs108.00
Ethrayum Priyapetta Achanu: Kafkayude Kathukalum Diarykurippukalum
Collection of letters, journals by Franz Kafka, the German language writer, widely regarded as on..
Rs200.00 Rs180.00
Mammootty: Ariyatha Karyangal
Ace film actor Mammootty is getting admired by the Malayalam fim industry. Mammootty: Ariyatha Ka..
Water Body: Vellam Kondulla Athmakatha
Memoirs by G R Indugopan. ‘Water Body:Vellam Kondulla Athmakatha’ is a unique narrative recor..
Oru Manassinte Rasathantram
Autobiographical notes by Vaisakhan. ‘Oru Manassinte Rasathantram’ is collection of nostalgic..
Rs145.00 Rs129.00
Oru Cancer Rogiyude Diary
Memoirs by Bahuleyan Puzhavelil. ‘Oru Cancer Rogiyude Diary’ is an inspirational life story w..
Anne Frankinte Diarykkurippukal
The Diary of a Young Girl is a book of the writings from the Dutch language diary kept by Anne Fr..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Kumaon Kunnukalile Narabhojikal (Red Rose Edition)
Malayalam version of Jim Corbett's famous book Man-Eaters of Kumaon, translated by P V Alby. ..
Rs150.00 Rs135.00
Mary Kom: Ente Jeevitha Katha
‘Unbreakable’, the real inspirational life tale of Mary Kom, the Indian Olympic boxer, transl..
Rs150.00 Rs135.00
Gandhijiyum Urukkumanushyanaya Patelum
Memoirs by V K Bhaskaran Nair. ‘Gandhijiyum Urukkumanushyanaya Patelum’ narrates the life of ..
Nirbhayam: Oru IPS Officerude Anubhavakurippukal
Memoirs by Siby Mathews, the former IPS officer with the Kerala Police. 'Nirbhayam: Oru IPS Offis..
C J Thomasum C J Thomasum
Eminent writers in Malayalam recollecting the life and time of C J Thomas, the renowned Malayalam..
Kuttikkalam: Malayali Jeevicha Balyangal
Memoirs by K A Beena. ‘Kuttikkalam Malayali Jeevicha Balyangal’ is a book of nostalgia taking..
Sravukalkkoppam Neenthumpol
  Autobiography of Jacob Thomas IPS. ‘Sravukalkkoppam Neenthumpol’ is the much await..
Oru Valarthu Poochayute Jeevitha Katha
Memoirs by V R Sudheesh. ‘Oru Valarthu Poochayute Jeevitha Katha’ is a gripping life tale of ..
Ente Kuttikkaalam (Olive Edition)
Memoirs of Maxim Gorky. 'Ente Kuttikkaalam' is translated into Malayalam by Laila Zine. BLURB..
Pora Kooda Veedu
Memoirs by Shamsudheen Vellikulangara. ‘Pora Kooda Veedu’ records author’s vibrant nostalgi..
Manchumarile Viralppadukal
Memoirs by Ezhacherry Ramachandran, the renowned poet, lyricist, and journalist. ‘Manchumarile ..
Ente Jeevithathile Chilar
Memoirs by K R Meera. ‘Ente Jeevithathile Chilar’ is brilliantly arranged collage of nostalgi..
Ezhal Ezhuvazhi
Memoirs by seasoned journalist V Rajagopal. ‘Ezhal Ezhuvazhi’ records the life and time of se..
Sathrukkalalla; Snehithanmar
Memoirs by journalist O Abdulla. BLURB: ഒരു മാധ്യമപ്രവർത്ത..
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