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Gandhiyum Marxum
Collection of essays about the relevance of Gandhism and Marxism to our times. ‘Gandhiyum Marxu..
Rs75.00 Rs68.00
Aval (Pre Order)
PRE ORDER NOW the much-awaited book by Bobby Jose Kattikadu. Aval, the book of women penned b..
Rs175.00 Rs145.00
Akame Pottiya Kettukalkappuram Indian Feminisathinte Varthamanangal
‘Seing like a feminist’ penned by Niveditha Menon translated into Malayalam by J Devika. ‘A..
Rs220.00 Rs198.00
Aro Madhuramayi Padi Vilikunnu
A book recording the life, time and contributions of renowned Malayalam poet and lyricist O.N.V K..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00
Methran Kayal: Haritha Keralathinte Veendeduppu
Essays by Siby George about Methran Kayal, a piece of marshy controversial land in Kumarakom. ‘..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00
Narabhojikal Veettumuttathu
Critical essays by M P Balram. ‘Narabhojikal Veettumuttathu’ has essays including Idathupaksh..
Rs200.00 Rs180.00
Adolf Hitler: Himsayute Manasasthram; Fascisathinteyum
‘Adolf Hitler: Himsayute Manasasthram; Fascisathinteyum’ is a fine blend of essays on Hitler ..
Rs160.00 Rs144.00
Indian Janadhipathyathinte Gathivigathikal
Essays by K Venu on Indian democracy. ‘Indian Janadhipathyathinte Gathivigathikal’ has essays..
Vayanayum Prathirodhavum
Essays by T T Sreekumar. ‘Vayanayum Prathirodhavum’ is listed under three sections Pauratwavu..
Sree Narayana Guru: Moonu Vicharangal
Study by M K Muneer on Sree Narayana Guru's thoughts. BLURB: മനുഷ്യമനസ്..
Velichappadinte Bharya
Essays by Ravichandran C on belief and superstitions. ‘Velichappadinte Bharya’ has essays inc..
Castro Priyappetta Castro
Collection of essays on the life of Fidel Castro, the Cuban communist politician and revolutionar..
Ivan Ente Priya Puthran
Collection of essays by C J Thomas. 'Ivan Ente Priya Puthran' is with a foreword by M K Sanu. ..
Njangalude Adukkalappusthakam
Collection of notes, essays, social comments from 'From the Granite Top', the women gathering in ..
George Lakoff:  Bhashayute Rashtreeya Manasu
Essays by P M Girish about the significance of contributions by George Lakoff, the American cogni..
Sabhamakkal Chinthikkumo ?
Essays by Cyprian Illickamury. BLURB:ഇന്നത്തെ സഭാജീവിതത്..
Varaphalathinte Varaprasadam
A book recording the contributions Prof. M Krishnan Nair, the literary critic and orator, compile..
Kallappana Vetta: Midhyayum Yadharthyavum
Essays on demonetization penned by T M Thomas Isaac. ‘Kallappana Vetta : Midhyayum Yadharthyavu..
Ordinary (Malayalam)
Collection of essays by Boby Jose Kattikad. ‘Ordinary’ has 24 writings including Oridathu, Ma..
Rs200.00 Rs179.00
Vranam Pootha Chantham
Essays by wildlife photographer and nature conservationist N A Naseer. This edition has 16 pages ..
Venthukondirikkunna Urulakkizhangukal
Political essays by Pakistani writer and journalist Tariq Ali. Malayalam translation by Ajay Sekh..
Marxisavum Advaita Vedantavum
A study on advaita vedanta and marxism penned by K S Radhakrishnan. BLURB:മലയാളി..
Uthara Keralam Aaradhanalayangalum Samakaleena Pravanathakalum
A study on the various religious worship places in Kanur, Kerala. 'Uthara Keralam Aaradhanalayang..
Azheekodinte Theranjedutha Avatharikakal
Collection of selected introductory notes by Sukumar Azheekode compiled by Paul Manalil. BLUR..
Amsadesathinte Suvisheshangal
Collection of essays by Susmesh Chandroth. ‘Amsadesathinte Suvisheshangal’ has 15 notes inclu..
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