• Amar Chitrakatha: Stories from the Kathasaritsagara (5-in-1)

Five Amar Chitrakatha titles in a 5-in-1 hardbound volume: The Chosen Bridegroom, Hamsavali, Shridatta, Shringabhuja, Pataliputra. All these stories are from the Kathasaritsagara, or the ocean of the streams of stories.

It is an eleventh century Sanskrit classic by Samadeva, dazzling in its variety. Humour, wit, romance, adventure and myth all find their place here, often in the some tale. It tells stories of ordinary people, as well as of the making of kingdoms.

The Kathasaritasagara is said to be derived from a more ancient text, the Brihat Kartha, which is now lost.

Size: Demy 1/4
Binding: Hardbound
Publication Year: 2013

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Amar Chitrakatha: Stories from the Kathasaritsagara (5-in-1)

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