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Collection of notes / social comments by writer and journalist T N Gopakumar. ‘Sankhumugham’ ..
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K  P Appan (Malayalam)
A book recording the life and time of K P Appan, the renowned literary critic in Malayalam, penne..
Rs75.00 Rs68.00 In Stock
Shalabha Jeevitham
Stories penned by Devadas V M. ‘Shalabha Jeevitham’ has 7 stories: Class War, Padabetham, Pul..
Rs75.00 Rs69.00 In Stock
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His Highness (Malayalam)
Useful handbook to learn the art of English written by V Sukumaran. ‘His Highness’ has over 4..
Rs145.00 Rs131.00 In Stock
Monte Cristoyile Prabhu (Complete Chintha Edition)
The Count of Monte Cristo, adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas, in Malayalam transla..
Rs740.00 Rs666.00 In Stock
Pranaya Sancharathil
Collection of stories by N P Hafiz Muhammad. 'Pranaya Sancharathil' has 13 stories including Pran..
Rs75.00 Rs68.00 In Stock
Novel by Cherukad. Muthassi is the masterpiece of Cherukad. Malayalam Title: മുത്ത..
Rs600.00 Rs539.00 In Stock
Puthukaalam Puthukathakal
Collection of 16 stories by 16 new writers compiled by Ajeesh Dasan with a foreword by Dr K S Rav..
Rs95.00 Rs86.00 In Stock
Folklorinte Saundaryasastram
Essays on folklore written by Dr Soman Kadaloor. 'Folklorinte Saundaryasastram' has 16 essays in ..
Rs95.00 Rs86.00 In Stock
Pusthakathil Kaanatha Charitram
Andalatt docuements some forgotten chapters from Kerala's history. 'Pusthakathil Kaanatha Charitr..
Rs70.00 Rs63.00 In Stock
Quantum Sidhantham
Dr M N Sreedharan Nair explains the secrets of Quantum theory in a simple language. Quantum theor..
Rs75.00 Rs68.00 In Stock
Oridathoru Schoolil
Collection of memoirs and essays by a schoolmaster. A K Moideen, the seasoned mentor, shares his ..
Rs90.00 Rs81.00 In Stock
Oru Manassinte Rasathantram
Autobiographical notes by Vaisakhan. ‘Oru Manassinte Rasathantram’ is collection of nostalgic..
Rs145.00 Rs129.00 In Stock
Manushyante Parinama Charithram
A study on the human evolution penned by R Suresh Kumar. ‘Manushyante Parinama Charithram’ ha..
Rs85.00 Rs77.00 In Stock
Novel by K U Menon. BLURB: കേരളത്തിന്റെ വ്യവസായ ഭൂ..
Rs120.00 Rs108.00 In Stock
Pathanam (The Fall)
The Fall, philosophical novel penned by Albert Camus, in Malayalam translated by P N Venugopal. S..
Rs60.00 Rs55.00 In Stock
Novel by P A Uthaman. ‘Chavoli’, the notable novel sets in the backdrop of dalit life, bags K..
Rs145.00 Rs129.00 In Stock
Ellavarkkum Vyayamam
How to say good bye to illnesses and live a healthy life with the help of exercises? If you reall..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00 In Stock
Keraleeya Navothanathinte Charithravum Varthamanavum
Keraleeya Navothanathinte Charithravum Varthamanavum written by K E N critically analyses the his..
Rs235.00 Rs212.00 In Stock
Shahid Naama
Notable novel by OV Usha on the backdrop of a lively Kottayam village. ‘Shahid Naama’ is a lo..
Rs175.00 Rs157.00 In Stock
Pishukkane Patticha Pishupishukkan
Storeis for children by Thamban Thayineri. ‘Pishukkane Patticha Pishupishukkan’ has 23 moral ..
Rs60.00 Rs55.00 In Stock
Kolamarathil Ninnulla Kurippukal
'Notes From the Gallows' by Julius Fuchik in Malayalam. 'Kolamarathil Ninnulla Kurippukal' is a b..
Rs75.00 Rs69.00 In Stock
Irunda Koodaram
The Dark Abode, novel by famous Oriya writer Sarojini Sahoo in Malayalam translated by Prameela K..
Rs90.00 Rs81.00 In Stock
101 Nalla Naadan Kathakal
Collection of popular folk tales from Kerala compiled and retold by Prof S Sivadas. 101 Nalla Naa..
Rs265.00 Rs239.00 In Stock
Sangeetham Thanne Jeevitham
A S Muhammad Kunji documents the life and music of some geniuses of Indian music like M S Subbula..
Rs65.00 Rs59.00 In Stock
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