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One of the most known novels by K Surendran. This is a sequel to his popular novel Thaalam. Kattu..
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Nile Diary
S K Pottekkatt, the most popular Malayali travel writer, shares his Nile experiences. Nile Diary,..
Rs85.00 Rs77.00 Out of Stock
Neela Niramulla Thottam
Stories of love, lust and sex written by Punathil Kunjabdulla. Neela Niramulla Thottam has 13 sto..
Rs65.00 Rs59.00 In Stock
Novel by Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai. Baloonukal analyses the issue of generation gap; and how un..
Rs280.00 Rs255.00 Out of Stock
Aval Paranju Varoo...
Collection of four short novels by M Mukundan, with an introductory study by Balachandran Vadakke..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00 In Stock
Autobiographical novel by U A Khadar. Poomarathalirukal depicts the life of the writer as a young..
Rs190.00 Rs169.00 In Stock
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Shihabuddheente Kathakal
Collection of stories by Shihabuddin Poythumkadavu, deals with the elements of true life. While t..
Rs380.00 Rs345.00 In Stock
Kerala Sahithya Akademi Award winning book by Dr Rajan Chungath about the Brahmins of Kerala, the..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00 Out of Stock
Ottakkaalan Kaakka
Novel by notable writer V J James. BLURB: സാധാരണ പരിസരങ്ങളി..
Rs95.00 Rs85.00 Out of Stock
A journey through the story of a young lady who leads an immoral life because of her circumstance..
Rs200.00 Rs179.00 In Stock
Viswasthanaya Kallan
Viswasthanaya Kallan has 3 stories by Fyodor Dostoevsky: Novel in Nine Letters, The Honest Thief ..
Rs55.00 Rs50.00 In Stock
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Collection of stories by S K Pottekkatt. Vanakaumudi has 4 stories: Kaalocha, Muzha, Kadalile Kiz..
Rs55.00 Rs50.00 In Stock
Odayil Ninnu
The most read novel by P Kesavadev and it is his first novel too. Odayil Ninnu had been made into..
Rs75.00 Rs68.00 In Stock
Collection of stories by Priya A S. Jaagarooka, which won Kerala Sahithya Akademi Award in 2004, ..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00 In Stock
Manja Sooryante Naalukal
One of the most read Malayalam novels in the eighties, Manja Sooryante Naalukal is a remarkable w..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00 In Stock
Based on 1 reviews.
Meluhayile Chiranjivikal
Malayalam version of Amish Tripathi's famous novel 'The Immortals of Meluha', translated by Rajan..
Rs250.00 Rs225.00 Out of Stock
Based on 1 reviews.
C V Balakrishnan tells the story of Jajali, a sage who goes in search of Kama. One of the highly ..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00 In Stock
Collection of short stories by Santhosh Echikkanam. ‘Biriyani’ has 7 stories including Nayika..
Rs90.00 Rs81.00 In Stock
Memoirs by Madhavikkutty. During the Second World War Madhavikkutty and her brother were sent fro..
Rs160.00 Rs145.00 In Stock
Haridwaril Manikal Muzhangunnu
Novel by M Mukundan. Haridwaril Manikal Muzhangunnu is one of his best known works. Malayalam..
Rs95.00 Rs85.00 In Stock
This political satire is one of the most popular piece of fiction by O V Vijayan. Studies by K P ..
Rs190.00 Rs171.00 In Stock
Smarakasilakal is the most known, most discussed novel by Punathil Kunjabdulla. It has won him ma..
Rs225.00 Rs205.00 In Stock
Autobiography of Punathil Kunjabdulla. One of the most interesting books written by the author of..
Rs175.00 Rs159.00 In Stock
Based on 1 reviews.
Novel by S K Pottekkatt. Vishakanyaka is one of his most-known works and it tells the story of mi..
Rs150.00 Rs135.00 In Stock
Ente Priyappetta Kathakal: M T
Selected stories by M T Vasudevan Nair. M T's Ente Priyappetta Kathakal has 9 stories: Oppol, Kut..
Rs140.00 Rs126.00 In Stock
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