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Advaita the Writer
When Advaita leaves Delhi for boarding school in Dehradun, she is lonely and unhappy. Even if Dun..
Just a Train Ride Away
Santosh travels alone from Mumbai, where he lives with his mother, to Kolkata, on holiday. But he..
The World of Asian Stories
An omnibus of stories and story telling traditions from 44 countries across Asia, provides an ove..
Oluguti Toluguti: Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite
Welcome to the world of OLUGUTI TOLUGUTI – and kosuguti too! It is a world of elephants, buffal..
The Enchanted Saarang: Stories from Kashmir
This unique collection of stories about Kashmir by Asha Hanley invites readers into the everyday ..
India's Olympic Story
Published to coincide with the London Olympic Games, 2012, it is the first comprehensive book for..
The Forbidden Temple: Stories from the Past
How was everyday life for children long ago? Did they have pets? Did foreign students feel homesi..
Read Aloud Stories
pictures : Ashok Rajagopalan Amidst jhamak-tamak sunsets and groves of Malgova mangoes, whirling ..
Aditi and Her Friends in Search of Shemeek
An official visit to Prague takes a strange turn. The naughty granddaughter of Princess Libusha c..
Suniti Namjoshi's Aditi Adventures III (Heros)
A pack of four adventures by Aditi in a pack. All four books have Pictures by Shefalee Jain. ..
Aditi and Her Friends Take on the Vesuvian Giant
In this second set of adventures, Aditi and her friends encounter figures from various European m..
Aditi and the Thames Dragon
In this delightful sequel to Aditi and the One-Eyed Monkey, the postal parrot brings a cryptic le..
Aditi and the Marine Sage
Aditi and friends are on a mission again, this time to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. From..
Spectacular Homes of Kerala
Homes are not built in a day. Nor are they built for a single generation alone. They exist to cap..
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Aditi and the One-eyed Monkey
An enchanting modern fairytale involving an unlikely foursome. A monkey sets out to explore the w..
Mayil will not be quiet!
Meet Mayil Ganeshan, 12 going on spirited 13, who finally has her chance to say all she wants. Bu..
Monkeyji and the Word Eater
Suniti Namjoshi's Aditi and her friends on their 10th adventure. Pictures by Proiti Roy Dange..
Sorry, Best Friend!
Concerned by the divisive forces of communalism, and its influence on children, the Centre for Sc..
One World
Anthology of stories that focuses on the theme peace. 'One World' brings together writers in Engl..
Aditi and the Techno Sage
An adventure story for children by Suniti Namjoshi illustrated by Shefalee Jain. Stony Lake, ..
Beyond the Blue River
In this novel that is part adventure, part mystery and completely captivating, B Vinayan takes th..
My Brother Tootoo
Novel for children by Urmila Mahajan. Recommended by the CBSE for schools. One summer holiday..
Kabir the Weaver-Poet
Mystic weaver, radical reformer, loved and hated equally in his time . . . the simple wisdom of h..
Mostly Madly Mayil
At 13 going on assertive 14, Mayil is now on her second diary after Mayil Will Not Be Quiet. “T..
Little Indians: Stories from Across the Country
Collection of stories and fascinating facts written by Pika Nani take you on a double-decker ride..
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