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Gandhiyum Marxum
Collection of essays about the relevance of Gandhism and Marxism to our times. ‘Gandhiyum Marxu..
Rs75.00 Rs68.00
Children’s literature by Payyannur Kunjiraman. ‘Uppusamaram’ documents the history of epic ..
1948 (Play)
Historical play penned by T K D Muzhappilangadu. ‘1948’ narrates the post independent phase o..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
A travelogue penned by K R Ajayan. ‘Ullasabudhan’ records the travel by the author through va..
Rs105.00 Rs95.00
Patternukaliloode English Padikkam
Bitter C Mukkolakkal shares tips and tricks to learn English. ‘Patternukaliloote English Padikk..
Rs165.00 Rs149.00
Biography of Vagbhatananda, the social reformer and the founder of the Atmavidya Sangham. ‘Vagb..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00
Bharath Murali (Malayalam)
A book detailing the life and time of Murali, the versatile Malayalam film actor. ‘Bharath Mura..
Rs80.00 Rs72.00
Castroyude Nattil
Travelogue by A K Ramesh. ‘Castroyude Nattil’ is a well narrated travel note through the nerv..
Rs120.00 Rs108.00
Aro Madhuramayi Padi Vilikunnu
A book recording the life, time and contributions of renowned Malayalam poet and lyricist O.N.V K..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00
Jyothisham: Charithram Sasthram Anubhavam
A book detailing the history and science of astrology penned by P A Rafiq Zakariah. ‘Jyothisham..
Rs150.00 Rs135.00
Jinnah (Malayalam)
Historic novel written by M K Gangadharan. ‘Jinnah’ documents the life and contribution of Mu..
Rs130.00 Rs117.00
Pranayikunna Sthreekal
'Women in Love' is a novel by D. H. Lawrence, as a sequel to his earlier novel 'The Rainbow'. ‘..
Manushya Mrugangal
Emile Zola’s novel ‘The Beast Within’ is translated into Malayalam by Prabha R Chatterji. ..
Rs330.00 Rs297.00
A book on books penned by Dr. B Iqbal. ‘Pusthakasanchi’ is a collection of essays on the lite..
Rs120.00 Rs108.00
Five Townsile Anna
Arnold Bennett’s Anna of the Five Towns translated into Malayalam by K P Sumathi. ‘Five Towns..
Rs210.00 Rs190.00
Vanyathayude Vili
Malayalam translation of an adventure short novel by Jack London titled ‘The Call Of The Wild..
Rs110.00 Rs99.00
Pedichupoya Manushyan
Malayalam translation of the notable work of Maxim Gorky ‘The Man Who Was Afraid’. ‘Pedichu..
Rs360.00 Rs325.00
Dorian Grayude Chayachithram
‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray’, the only novel written by Oscar Wilde translated into Malayalam..
Rs195.00 Rs175.00
Kaalam Marakkatha Kathakal
Collection of notable stories from Malayalam lterature edited by K R Mallika. ‘Kaalam Marak..
Rs520.00 Rs468.00
Cholesterol Ningalkku Niyanthrikkam
A handdbook on Cholesterol penned by Dr P K Sukumaran. ‘Cholesterol Ningalkku Niyanthrikkam’ ..
Rs100.00 Rs90.00
Water Body: Vellam Kondulla Athmakatha
Memoirs by G R Indugopan. ‘Water Body:Vellam Kondulla Athmakatha’ is a unique narrative recor..
Oru Manassinte Rasathantram
Autobiographical notes by Vaisakhan. ‘Oru Manassinte Rasathantram’ is collection of nostalgic..
Rs145.00 Rs129.00
Nilambur Ayisha: Jeevithathinum Aranginum Idayil
Life and contributions of Nilambur Ayisha, the Malayalam film and theatre personality, penned by ..
M T: Aksharasilpi
Study by K S Ravikumar on the literary artistry of M T Vasudevan Nair, the master craftsman of Ma..
Huckleberry Finn(Chintha Edition)
The epic tale of by Mark Twain translated into Malayalam by R Jayaram. Even after a century of it..
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