• Beeji's Story: Earth's Surface

Super-seed Beeji is off on a super-ride! Zooming over icy lands and hot deserts, swooshing down a river… she’s a tough little seed who loves adventure but is happy to be back on soft soil. A Beeji-eye view of different landforms. This book is one of the five books in the series, First Look Science, that was visualised by Shubhangi Goel, Sankhalina Nath, Rajasee Ray and Anushka Kalro, design students in a classroom project with Srishti, Bengaluru. The series is supported by Wipro as part of its Wipro Applying Thought in School initiative.

Age: 6+
Pages: 28
Size: 7" x 8.5"
Binding: Paperback
Publication Year: 2012

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Beeji's Story: Earth's Surface

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